Missing Our Dad

Dear friends,

Thank you for coming to this site. We do not know how you got here and what has brought you here. But we are glad you came because the more people come to know about our plight, the greater the possibility that our dad who went missing on 23.5.2000 will be found.

Until he is found, dead or alive, we will persevere in our search for him. We are unable to find any more words to describe our sorrow and predicament except to invite you to browse through this site and ask you to lend us a helping hand.

Our beloved dad, TAN SUE YONG (NRIC No. 170924-71-5025 [2979894]), then 83, took a walk in the Yong Peng town  on 23.5.2000 and never returned. He suffers from senile dementia and Alzheimer's disease. He has white hair and is about 5'4" tall. He left home wearing a short-sleeved greyish/white shirt and brown long pants. He speaks only the Chinese Hockchew dialect. By now, our dad could have grown thinner and darker and with a beard too. He could only communicate in the Hockchew/Foochow dialect. You may wish to know that in Hockchew, "Uncle, are u Tan Sue Yong?" would sound like "Ah Pak, nu si ni Dang Su Yong?" and "Are u from Yong Peng?" would sound like "Nu si ni Yong Ming li?"

We reiterate that so long as our dad is not found, we will never give up hope that one day our dad will be reunited with us who love and miss him so very much.

If you know his whereabouts, please send him immediately to the nearest police station and call Yong Peng Police Station (Tel: 07-4671222).

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